Black Veterans USA

VA Scandels

Waste, Fraud, Mismanagement.

No One Is Doing Their Jobs

1.  Is Treason A Federal Crime ?

2.  Is Coverting With Any Known Enemy of The U.S. Government A Federal Crime ?

3.  Is Arsen A Federal Crime ?

4.  Is Rioting A Federal Crime ?

5.  Is Insurection A Federal Crime ?

6.  If "Sabatage" Is A "Federal Crime" ?

7.  What Is The "Terrorism Act" ?

* You Need To Read It. If Someone Commits A "Federal Crime", They Should Be Investigated and Procecuted.

The "Justice Dept."

Should Investigate The "VA Medical Centers" Nationwide, All One Thousand Eight Hundred

1, 800 VA Hospitals and Branches". The "Justice Dept." Should "Investigate The "F.B.I." In

New Haven, Connecticut.

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr RA 11461406

"Federal Office of Special Council", What Is It ? What Do They Do ?. They Are The Lawyers Who Protect The "Veterans Administration". You See, There Are Thousands of Lawyers. They Are A Bunch of Shysters and Frauds. They Lie ! For The U.S. Government. They Always Come Up With "Plausable Denial". Who Investagates Them ?. They Don't Investigate Anything, They Send The Complainant A Bunch of Jiberish That The Lawyers I Brought The Documents To Said It Does Not Make Since. It Will Cost Me $100,00.00-$200,000.00 Dollars To Fight.

Federal Office of Special Council

Whisleblowers Protection Act

What About All The Complaints Filed In 1995

1. Firing People Because They Reported Drug Dealing On Federal Property.

2. The Suggestion Program: This Program Is A Fake.

"FAKE Soldiers", "Stolen Valor" and "Wanna Be Soldiers Is 50% of "The U. S. Department of Veterans Administrations" Problem.

 "Social Media", FAKE Sites That Claim They Represent Veterans, Dealing With Drugs and Drug Addicts, Indstead of Dealing w/Gun Shots, Explosions, Blasts and Trauma.

This Is The "Jurisdiction" of The U.S. Veterans Administration. If You Will Read The Literature On The U.S. Veterans Administration Website, You Will Read Where The U. S. Veterans Administration Userps The The U.S. Constitution and I.R.S. Administration Rules and Regulations. In Addition, They Also, Userp The U.S. Social Security Admininistration Rules and Regulation.

Example: Why Wouldend A Federal Employee Call The F.B.I. When They Know That Other Federal Employee's Are Dealing Drugs On Federal Property. Remember !, All U.S. Veterans Hospitals Have Federal Police On Site. 

 In 1995-1996, I Worked At The VA Medical Center As A Housekeeper, I Sliped and Fell In The Basement In Bldg # 1. The Supervisor "Mary Hamilton" Was Standing There When The Elevator Opened. I Slipped On "Stripper", Do You Know That She Was So Scared, She Would Not Fill Out A Simple "Accident Report". She Told Her Supervisor "Tom" That She Didn't See It.

"Mary Hamilton" Was Slapped In The Face By "Jim Jones", I Saw It and Reported It. He Slapped Her So Hard, She Cried, and I Comforted Her. There Is or Was Some Strange Stuff Going On.

"Butch " and "(Supervisor) "Joyce" (Supervisor)" Disapeared From The Site. No One Could Find Them, Not Even The "VA Police".

This Was When "Jim Jones" Was On One of His Rampages. I Gave The "VA Administration" and The "F.B. I." Downtown On Orange Street Three (3) (Pages of Legal Papers) Copies of What I Seen. The "F.B.I." Failed To Do Their Job (Jurisdiction). I Would Seem To Me, That The F.B.I., VA Police and The "VA Administration" Are Working In Concert. Each Agency Has It's Own "Jurisdiction".

A Week Later, I Was Fired. So, Why Didn't The "VA Administration" Come To The "State of Connecticut Unemployment Hearing" ?.

I'll Tell You Why, It's Called Racism and Politics. (Let's Keep This Hush, Hush)!.

What Happened To The "U. S. Public Service Announcement": "See Something, Say Something".

That Does Not Keep The V.A. Police and V.A. Detectives From Stoping and Harassing, Terrorising, Bullying Me"Willie Williams Jr", When I Have A  "Catherter Tube" In My "Scrotum".

(What Are You Doing Here ?.) I'm A Veteran and I Have An Appointment....Do You Have I.D. ?, I Offered My "VA I.D. Medical Card". You Got A "Drivers Licence" ?, He The "Detective", Wrote It Down In His Book.

Then He Said, You Can't Just Leave Your Bag Around Like That. I Said, It's My Medication, Catherter Tube, Bag, etc, He Knew This, They Checked. This Is "Racial Profiling" Because Another Veteran Did The Same Thing, They Didn't Do Anything About It. They Just Moved On.

Now, You're Telling Me, That ALL These Intelligent, "U.S. Federal Employees", With Masters Degrees, PhD. Degrees, Can't or Couldn't See What I Seen !. Three (3) Legal Pages of Scananigens, Drug Dealing, Assault and Hiding Behind FAKE "Trees In The Office".

There Are One Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Three 1,823 Veterans Facilities In The World.

Edwin H. Crosby III, Expert In Electronics Data, Vietnam Veteran

and Dr. Lee Watson

Filed Several Federal Lawsuits : Federal Lawsuits Are Still Pending SPN # 411 Veterans DD-214

U.S. Government Lawyers Commiting Criminal Acts To Keep The Public and The Press From Knowing Whats Going On. One Lawyer Was Procecuted and Admitted He Stole One Hundred Thousand 100,000 Veterans (C) Numbers and Redirected The VA Checks To A FAKE   Account. The Right Are Ten (10) Videotapes, Just Watch and Listen and Find Out What Else The Veterans Department Is Doing To Veterans.

Senator Joe Bidin Now Vice President of The United States of America and Senator John Mc Caine Knew About This In 1974. You See The Major News Media Don't Know About This, They're To Bussy Following Race Issues, We Are Talking About 26,000,000 Twenty- Six  Million Veterans.

Willie Williams Jr

The Secret Code On Veterans-All Veterans Should Read This.

The Secret Code On Veterans DD-214

You Have A Pin Number Embeded On You VA Medical Records and DD-214

26,000,000 Twenty Six Million Veterans. Did You Know That A Ghost Person Is Receiving Your Benefits, Disability Compensation and Pension?.

State of Connecticut Want To Know How Much Money Is Coming To Connecticut Does Not Compute/Tally Does It ?.  All These So Called "Connecticut Bar Association" Lawyers Who Claim To Fight For Veterans Rights, Where Are You ?. This Would Be Worth About $100,000,000.00 Billion Dollars One Hundred Billion Dollars To Connecticut. 

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Member: Veterans Organizations

1.  Veterans of Foreign Wars
     # 665627              11/03/87
     Life Member        Paid Up For Life

2.  Disabled American Veterans
     Life Member          Paid Up For Life

3.  The American Legion
     # 54137                   1987
      Life Member           Paid Up For Life

     CT-1184279              2009
     Life Member             Paid Up For Life

5.  Military Order of The Purple Heart
     # 14569                       2001
     Life Member               Paid Up For Life

6.  Vietnam Veterans of America
     # 2845                          1988
     Life Member                Paid Up For Life

7.  Counterparts
     # 13                                1990
     Life Member                 Paid Up For Life

8.  Bravo                             1999

     Life Member                   Paid Up For Life

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Photos, Stories, Complaints and Blogs of Blacks/African Americans Combat Vietnam Veterans and Their Experiences With "The Veterans Administration" Nationwide. SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr Served Four (4) Tours, Five (5) Years, Two (2) Months, Eighteen (18) Days In The Republic of Vietnam.

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YALE Repetory Theatre

The House That Will Not Stand

New Orleans 1836

European Men and Free Women of Color Have Been Matched Up. I Want A Redbone Too !.

Right Is Right and Wrong Is Wrong

My Personal Perspective On Drugs Is: I Don't Like Drug Dealers Because They Kill People With Drugs and Turns Them Into Zombies, Drug Addicts: Takes Away A Persons Will To Think, It Takes Away A Persons Humanity and Humility, It Takes Away A Persons Personal Pride and Personal Hygeine. Civic Responsibility and Pride. You Can't Leave Nothing Around Them, You Had Better Take It With You.

The War On Drugs Is A War On Black and Brown People. It's Modern Day Jim Crow. It's A War On Poor People, Put Them In Prison and They Can't Vote.

This Is A Real Lawyer, She Get's Paid $156.00 per. Hr.. Attorney ::::::::::::  :::::::::::::

Dating Out of Your Rank

Improper Socialization

Breaking The Chain of Command

Conduct Unbecoming of A NCO

Failure To Identify Religious Affilliation

Improper Group Affiliation

Evasive and Failure To State What He/She Will Be Doing When You Get Out of The Military

Secretive and Private

Does Not Share Private Life



Stolen Valor # 1

Stolen Valor # 2

Stolen Valor # 3

Stolen Valor # 4

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All Black African Americans Combat Veterans Can Join This "Federal Class Action Lawsuit".

We  Are Looking For A "Law Firm" One (1) or Two (2) "Lawyers" Can't Do This. To Represent Us, You Must Be Certified and Qualified To Practice In "Veterans Court". We Are Going To Sue The "Veterans Administration" For:
1. Racial Discrimination.

2. Bias.

3. Failure To Provide Same or Equal Medical Treatment or Services.

4. Failure To Provide Same or Equal and Fair "Disability Compensation", Pension and Benefits For War Wounds.

5. Claiming That Veterans Are Criminals and Convics. The Reporter, Newscaster Said, News Media Said: If You See A Veteran On The Streets, Skid Row, How Do You Civilians Know (If He/She Is A Veteran How Do You Know He/She Is A Convic ?). You Civillians Think You Know Every Thing About A Veterans Life...You Don't.

A. Veterans Who Are Combat Related, Injured or Desease Carry A VA Issued Medical Card w/Picture, VA Medical Number and Implant.

B. Just Because A Man/Woman Says They Are Veterans Does Not Make Them So. Based On My Observation, The VA and YALE Do More Dealing With "Homeless Drug Addicts" Than Dealing With Veterans From The Vietnam War Did You Know, They Pay Them If They Are Homeless or Claim To Be Veterans $1,500.00-#2,500.00 If They Are On "Crack or Herion".

C.  This VA Medical I. D. Card Means It Covers The (Veterans) Servicvemens Medical Condition That Occurred In The Military. The VA Charges Your Insurance Company Each Time You Go To The VA For Non-Service Condition, The Veterans
Admistration Charges "Medicare Insurance " Seruptishshusly Each Time You Go To VA For Services. Drugs and Medication.
D. If The Reporter Knew What They Were Talking About, They Would Have Asked The So Called Veteran, Why Don't You Go To The VA and Ask Them, Non-Discript Personnel.

1. This Is What They'll Say I Have A "Dishonorable DisCharge" or I'm A Drug Addict and H omeless and Do Not Want To Live Under The VA Conditions In VA Housing.
6. Acting As A Adversarial Administration...VA Medical Center West Haven Connecticut.

"This Is Not Your Jurisdiction"...But, The Jurisdiction of Law Enforcement...Under The Constitution There Is A Separation of Powers:

Executive, Judicial and Legislative.
7. Loosing Veterans Medical Records For Twenty Five (25) Years or More.

8. Making Claims In Writing That "Willie Williams Jr" Never Served In The U.S. Army.
9. Failure To Notify The F.B.I. When You Believe The Person Whom You're Talking To or Who Applied For Services Is A Fraud.

10. Profiling Black/African American Males On Federal Property VA Medical Center West Haven, Connecticut Causing Stress, Threat, Arrest, Bullying, Identify Yourself ( I Offered My VA Issued Medical I.D. Card), Don't You Have A (Drivers License ?.) A Drivers License Is Not A I.D. Card, It Is Terrorism Under "The Federal Terrorism Act".

11.  Federal Medicare Fraud and Insurance Fraud: "New England Healtcare" Willie Williams Jr Client #  PO 32362.
12.  Failure To Get Together With The "Department of Defence " To Make Medical Records Smooth and Easy, Put It On A Card. Example: In A War Where Men Are Getting Killed and Blown Up, The U.S. Army Don't Have Time, Don't Always Document Everything That Happens To You As A Soldier. Nobody Has Time To Write Things Down, Their Probubly Digging In, Ducking For Cover, or Hiding.

13.  When A Man or Woman Get's Blown Up or The Explosion Comes From The Side, You Cannot Breath, You Cannot Hear, You Cannot See. You Do Not Always Blown To Pieces, Emulsify or Disapear From Site.

14. Two (2) Men Can Be Four (4) Feet From Each Other, A "Bouncing Betty" Is Triggered By Some One Steping Off, It Goes Click, It Go's Strait Up In The Air, One (1) Get's His Head Blown Off, The Other Lives To See Another Day. Remember !, During This Time The Survivor(s) Can't See Hear, Hear or Breath. If It's Meant For You To Die! It Will Happen, If It's Not You Will Live.

15.  Giving "Willie Williams Jr" The Wrong Medications, Causing Terror and Paine. I Could Not Urinate or Deficate, For Weeks I Could Hardy Walk and Had A Catherter In My Scrutum. This Is The Second Time This Has Happened.

16.  Publications: A.  Federal Benefits For Veterans. 
                               B.  Veterans Health Benefits Hanbook.
                                 Federal Civil Enforcenment
Police Misconduct Provision
More Will Be Added As Black African American Veterans Join.

We Were Called Iron Fists

We Wore White Scarves Around Our Necks

Roommate Wanted Tall Bow Redbone Woman Photo Album

Black Models USA Inc. 230 Grand Avenue Suite # 576 New Haven, Connecticut 06513


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