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VA Medical Hospital West Haven Connecticut

Posted by Willie Williams Jr on June 9, 2014 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

VA Medical Hospital West Haven, Connecticut





Looking For Roommate

Posted by Willie Williams Jr on April 26, 2014 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Looking For Roommate

Tall Bow Legged Redbone Woman

Check List: African American Decent and Acknowledge It.




Senator Bluminthal

Posted by Willie Williams Jr on April 17, 2014 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

U.S. Senator Blumenthal

Waste, Fraud, and Mismanagement

Veterans Hospital

Medicare Fraud

Veterans Medical Fraud

Inspector General VA Administration Hospital

Posted by Willie Williams Jr on April 17, 2014 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

VA Administration Hospital

General Eric Shinseki

Secretary VA

17th April 2014

1.  If I Have A Criminal Record, You Prove It.

2.  The Bullet I Have In My Thorax, I Got It While Serving In The U.S. Army In Ft. Benning, Ga In 1971. If The Bullet Hole Is Not Big Enough For The VA Administration Hospital, Millimeters or Micro Meters, Change The Law or Change The Policy.

3.  Why Is It, That The VA Can Loose My Medical Files In 1990 Three (3) Times.

4. Why Is The VA Medical Center West Haven Connecticut, People Can Hide (Manager-Tom) Playing With His Clerk Typist Behind FAKE Trees Steal, Deal Drugs, Steal U.S. Government Property, Slap Mary Hamilton and Make Her Cry, and Jim Jones Can Leave The Job Site, Buy Half A Pint of Liquor, Get Drunk As A Skunk and I (Willie Williams Jr RA 11421406) Get Fired?.

5. Why Is It That I Get STOPED! Six (6) Months Ago By A VA Detective and A VA Police Officer and I Have An Appointment and Can't Hardly Walk, Have A Catherter In My Scrotum For Three (3) Weeks. The Reason Why I Was There In The First Place Is Because The VA Gave Me The Wrong Medication, The Medication Constricted ALL of My Orises and Closed Them Up.

6.  I've Been Waiting For More Than Two (2) Years For An Increase In Compensation. During That Time My Sight In My Left Eye....I Can't See.

7.  What Is The Purpose of Telling The VA On A Government Form We Have Insurance or Don't Have Insurance?. I Think There Is Some Medicare and Insurance Fraud Going On.

8. I Have A Contract With The U.S. Army, The Department of Defence, The Pentagon, The U.S. Government and With The American Citizens Who Pay Federal Taxes. There Was No Experation Date On My Contract For Disability. What Ever Happened To Me While A Soldier, The VA Medical Centers World Wide (MUST) Try To Fix, Repair or Replace.

9. Since 1945 The VA Administration Has Built Over A Thousand 1,000 Facilities Worldwide To Provide Services For (Allied Soldiers) and Their Families. My Children Have Never Used CHAMPUS, In 1969 My Wife Could Not Find A CHAMPUS In Connecticut. In 1969 I Was In Bamburg, Germany. Dependents and Children Have Medical Facilities In Germany. I Was On My Way Back To Vietnam.

It Is The Law, Everyone In America, Must Have Health Insurance.

+VA Medical Card Service Connected 80%

+Medicare Insurance

+AETNA Insurance

+Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance

10. Why Is The VA Medical Center West Haven Connecticut Terrorising, Hurting, Medical Malpractice, Testing For Drugs, Want To Go Up In Some Ones Rectum, (Every Case Study That I've Read, ALL The Veterans Died of Cancer).

11. Telling Veterans The Can Get Their Teeth Fixed With An Outside Vender, That's A Lie!, Even With Insurance, An Outside Vender Cost Are Extreemly High.

12. Telling Me That I Can Get My Eye Surgery Fixed By An Outside Vender (Lasic Surgery) Cost

Thousands of Dollars.

Lessons Learnd From Being In A War/Combat, Never Go Down That Same Path Again, You May Get Blown Up.

Looking For Roommate: Tall Bow Legged Redbone Woman

Posted by Willie Williams Jr on April 16, 2014 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)
Looking For Roommate
(Possible Marraige)
Tall Bow Legged Redbone Woman
Check List:
1. No Drugs or Drug Addicts, 2. No Mental, Psycological or Emotional Problems, 3. If You Have Debts, Bills or Owe Taxes (Pay Em) They Are Your Problem, 4. If We Get Married, We Sign A Pre-Neptual Aggreement, 5. If You Have A Problem Cooking For A Man or It's Your Turn, Good By !,  6. If You Have A Problem Doing House Work or Dusting, I Have A Maid Who Comes Once A Week, 7. If You Create Stress Mumble and Grumble, Good By !, 8. If You Are A Con Artist or Feels The World Owes You Something
or Have An Attitude, Good By !.

VA Medical Center West Haven, Connecticut

Posted by Willie Williams Jr on April 16, 2014 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (1)

VA Medical Center West Haven, Connecticut Discriminates Against Black/African Americans Veterans:

1. When It Comes To Evaluating Veterans For Compensation Ratings.

2. When It Comes To Medical Services:



Veterans I.D. Card Service Connected 80%

3. The VA Has A Problem Controlling Their Records, Treating Non-Persons, They Don't Exist.

4. Giving Me A Criminal Record (Willie Williams Jr). In Writing The Said That I Was Shot In The Back While Trying To Escape From Carl Lewis Prison. First, I Don't Have A Criminal Record, Second, I Don't Know Where Carl Lewis Prison Is.

5. The VA Uses 50% of It's Time Treating and Testing For Drug Addicts, Civilians Are Bused In From Around The State.

6. The VA Has A Consideral Amount of FAKE Doctors, Foreign Personel and Non English Speaking Personnel In Key Areas. The Last Time I Was At The VA Medical Center The FAKE Doctor Used The Blood Pressure Machine, He Kept It Pumping Until It Poped, That Hurt My Arm For Two (2) Weeks.

7. Taking Blood: Since 1974, The Last Time I Gave Blood, It Was A Very Nice Experience, The Male Had The Proper Size Needle and It Did Not Hurt, I Did Not Suffer, Rench In Pain.

8. The Problem Is Unqualified Personnel, Veterans Are Qualified Personnel. Veterans Work At Medical Records, Finance, Logistics In The Military, Why Not Hire A Veterans.

9. It's Politics and Race, Plain and Simple.

10. Since 1950 The VA Medical Center In West Haven, Connecticut Has Spent and Wasted $50,000,000,000.00 Fifty Billion Dollars On Foolishness. The VA Medical Center In West HAven, Connecticut Does Not Want To Pay Black/African Americans Their Proper VA Disability Ratings and Evaluation.

11. I Was At The VA Medical Center West Haven, Connecticut About Six (6) Month Ago I Couldn't Urinate or Defecate. While I Was Going Back and Fourth For Several Weeks, I Had An Appointment To See If The Dr. Was Going To Take The Catherter Out. While I Was At The Hospital, I Had To Use The Toilet. When I Came Out of The Toilet, I Was Having Trouble Walking Real Slow Back To My Seat, A VA Police and VA Detective STOPED Me. He The Detective Said Let's See Some I.D., I Gave The Police Officer My Drivers License. He Wrote The Information Down In His/Her Pad. He, The Detective Asked Me What I Was Doing There. I Told Him That I Am A Veteran and I Have An Appointment. He The Detective Said, You Just Can't Leave A Bag ( A Blue Bag Folded In My Seat)Like That Laying Around, I Said Thats My Medication, (Catharter Tube) Ect. She Said, Welcome Home. This Is and Was Racial Profiling In A Federal Facility, Harrassment and Terrorism. I Had Been Coming To The VA Medical Center West Haven Connecticut Since 1974. This Is Racial Bias and Racism. I Have Never Been STOPED By Federal Police Before. Why Don't They STOP All Those Drug Addicts That Live In The Hospital and Come Into The Hospital?.


Posted by Willie Williams Jr on April 16, 2014 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

This Is The Research I've Gathered Over The Years. This Non-Sense About Partial PTSD Is Non-Sense. These Are My Experiances: I've Been Blown Up Three (3) Times In My Life. You Can't Breath, See, or Hear. For Quite Some Time.

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr

B. Co. 2nd. Mech 2nd Inf. 1st. Inf. Division

Posted by Willie Williams Jr on April 15, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

SSG E-6 Willie Williams Jr

[email protected]


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